Selasa, 25 Ogos 2009

Salam Ramadhan buat semua...

Buat Lyn & Alex n  Chris di Canada..."will miss both of you and son Alex this hari raya. mama rasa sangat sedih tidak dapat menyambutnya bersama-sama di Malaysia pada tahun ini.Salam sayang dari mama & papa di bulan yang mulia ini semoga di rahmati Allah s w.t selalu".

Buat Alex tersayang...selamat menyambut hari jadi ke 3 tahun (20 hb September) pada hari yang mulia ini.
              Alexander Haziq Rezka- 2 yrs old on his birthday party

Khamis, 20 Ogos 2009

LIFE IS A SONG ~ bukan sekadar lagu sedih..

It's difficult but not impossible !
for a woman to succeed in the business world.

To me every woman should always be aware of the doors of oppportunity opening and walk through them. Although i am the one who always living in the dream but for as long as i remember... my dreams always comes true. Perhaps from the moment i set my goal, i has been talking about to being creative . I would like to be a creator for my life. I want to become somebody to be known. I don't care to what stage i am but for me i am dreaming to make my life meaningful.

The day of my i would like to share my childhood story...hope my childrens will read this..

Once upon a time...
Growing up on a Kuala Lumpur city in 1960s really make me enjoy with my childhood life. I think that is my beginning for me to know my route.I started thinking to be someone by playing with my friends. Dolls !!!( anak patung kertas draw by me and then i cut it) is my first inspiration. ..and the day i start becoming a creator.With my anak patung ,i start design dresses and handbegs. I create my life...sometimes i act as a girl, name by Cinderella, snow white ,Elizabeth, princess or other malay superstar,mother,sister,teacher,doctor,nurse and so many names i create everyday. My friends did too and  we really enjoy it . From that moment i learn to be someone but i never thought of anything except just for fun.

My memory of childhood..
I never thought about my career or the future. I aspire to be a dancer,singer or a designer. When i was 5,6,7 and 8 years old , i always play dolls. We call it 'anak patung' but my dolls is only a piece of paper ( my excercise book paper then i cut it )~ Sometimes i feel that my daughter,neices and all girls nowadays are very lucky to have Barbie Dolls with brown and golden hair and nice dresses with the accessories. Scissor is very important to me because everyday i will create fashion and cut the paper dress and handbeg for my 'anak patung'. The kotak kasut will be my anak patung's house. Everytime after back from school ,i will design,colour it and prepare to show to my freinds in the weekend. Normally we will play every weekend or school holidays. I love to play  anak patung and always try to show it to my sister the design of baju but my sister don't like to play anak patung with me but  sometimes she also create the dress for my anak patung. She is more creative than me and i am very happy to show it to my freinds.

The story sister become a 'Taukeh'..
She likes to play 'outdoor games with our brothers,boys and fews girlfriends who had same character . That's the different between me and my sister. She likes to running around, play gelongsor dengan kotak from atas bukit( tinggi lol), tarik upeh kelapa, rounders,cycling,fishing,playing cards( terup), getah, kulit kerang,biji asam jawa, biji saga for congkak games and so many thing that i could not remember. She is very smart in any games related with 'challenge'. She always become champion and 'taukeh'. I still remember, my small brother and me jadi pemerhati for the games and jadi kuli ...hehe..tukang kutip getah everytime dia menang. At night ,three of us will kira..huhh rasa macam orang kaya getah. We always proud of her and we are very happy to have that getah sampai siku. The getah will be mine to play loncat-loncat. And she only took some( modal) for her to play for the next day. And she will find some more until she gets all from her friends.( just to make sure ..they bankrup) and no one can challenged her. One thing that i still cannot forget is how we are trying to find getah and kulit kerang around the house. So difficult and adventures because everybody is searching for that items. love that memory.. and of course bila terkenang we will gelak sampai sakit-sakit perut..kerana kesian kan diri sendiri yang bersusah payah mencari semata-mata nak jadi orang kaya getah ...

So we in family not surprised  for her, she has created history for our family to become the first one in our place to further her study in UK. She was a good students since small and she took her pure maths course in Uk. After create her name as ' Taukeh getah and tikam ' for a few years as a child and now she become add maths teacher and one of the head of department in her school. Still remember,she told told me since small she likes numbers and challenge. And as a person i would say that she like to find solution in anyway. Until now...she never stop thinking to how to get things done in everything. 

My school day my sister find solution to act as anak orang kaya..hehe
But one thing about her that i really appreciate is the time she cut my mother's kain batik to do our swimming suits and my brother swimming trunck. How she do it?..she ask me and my brother to lay down ( to get the measurement) and she cut the kain batik. Guess!!!....what happened when my mom's knows about that. Surprised!!! We are very mom's did not scold her because that kain batik but she being scold sebab mata adik merah ..berendam lama sgt...hehe. But she never scared to be scold by moms...yang penting dapat pegi mandi kat swimming pool with her friends ( they are from rich family). "She said we are not rich but we must do something that we can enter the pools and join them." That time my sister is only 11 years old and her classmates are all from rich family. My brother was only 7 years old and everytime we wants to go out playing with friends we must bring him along. That's my father's order.To be someone...she dare to take the risk... no matter what. I salute her.

Life in Kuala Lumpur...1968-1978
I love my childhood time because as kids, we were free to play and run around anywhere. At my place in Kuala Lumpur, that time everyone left the doors and windows of theire homes open. No keys were necessary. There was a feeling of security and freedom. we played without a care or worry.

My primary school is my happy life....My love for singging and dancing began when i was in standard 3. My form class teacher select me as a choir member.One day,We had an audition for the school choir. I went to it with few of my classmate simply because it was an excuse to skip a class which i don't like the teacher. Some of my friends did not do their homework. I ended up singing and dancing for the next 6 years. Then my mum won't allowed me to join any dancing or singging class( tak bagi ponteng kelas agama petang lagi...hehe). That was my extra class in the afternoon. After that i stopped singging choir but i still loved the essential aspect of dancing.

During my secondary PE teacher start all over again for our talentime day. I really enjoy it and missed all my friends now who are with me. That was in 1977. The music of 'saturday night fever' is our intro at anytime we want to start our dancing class. My good friend always love to be Olivia newton John and always asking ' where is my hero..John Travolta. Some times i smile thinking of that memory. really make me happy that time. It still excites me to think of my perfomance while become dancer for my 'Mouree' dance. I still remember my school primary teacher.My class teacher Miss Devi ,a very nice and sweet lady and i like her smile. I love her saree too. She is the one who thought me ' Mouree dance ' from new Zealand. Eight of us was selected for that dance to represent our class. Still remember i wear that rambu ramba skirt made by 'tali rafia'...hehehe. We win for that dance competition.

Well... to be a singer ..i am only good in my bathroom. I think it is one of my best ways to greet each new days. There cannot be anything more liberating than singging full-throat first thing in the shower. 'Gayung mandi' become my microphone. Everytime i start my day with popular song in my bathroom. I heard my mom said.. 'cepat mandiiii ' . I think i am not the only one who become bathroom singers.My friends did the same thing because every school holidays..we did our own talent show tepi tangga rumah..(hmmm tak pernah menang pun...suara tak sedap..hehe). Now my son is one of them who is inherit my way of singging. I still remember when he was 3 yrs old ..the first song he sang was Esabella song by Amy Search. Now he grown up and still singging in the bathroom..he said only bathroom singers know it is the best way to distress so he followed me...hehe.

I thought singging and dancing will be my future. When i am grown up..then i realize there's so many thing that i have to face it. So singging and dancing for me is only for fun and ....
I love my day with my siblings..those days make me really missed my beloved parents.Al fatehah.

Ahad, 2 Ogos 2009

My World.

My childhood dreams..
When i was young, i dreamt of becoming an architect. I really don't know why i did not persue this dream. I guess my love is more to arts and fashion. I took a few courses in arts and design. But in midway, i lost interest in this subject because i found the industry is not so good. Not many demand. I did my marketing survey and it shows the business was slow. Maybe i am wrong. But while working, i used to continued my skills by doing my part time job designing a few pieces for my freinds who own her fashion house. I did too for my own.

I started my career with education sector ..
In 1980s, everybody is so excited searching government's job. They are so excited to work with government sector and i am one of those who are very lucky to get the job. My father was the most happiest person when i got the job. While working for a few years i took up Business Administration course with my own finance..guess what? i quit my job. Everybody in my family is not agree with me accept my only sister.

I involved business world..
I started involved in business world at early age, that was in 1988 and i was only 25 years old. I started doing my paperwork and my strategy in business. I took my affort to get as many information as i can about bisness. Preparing some documents for me to get the licence from the Ministry of Education and meeting pupils who will join me. In 1989, i resigned and registered the company for my own education center.The business run very well for almost 10 years. I join business career on the adviced of my lovely sister who encouraged me to change my life and find way to upgrade my standard of living and income. At the first place ,i was againts the idea as i considered myself has already got secure job. At the same time i don't have confidence in service industry but my sister was persistent, reasoning that the education sector is on demand. It was thus that i opened my center in Kuala Lumpur. After we proved it, few of my family members took part by helping me to developed the business. But i am so proud of my sister who gave me this miracle idea . Brings me to this business world and have changed me to what i am today.

I am abroad..
Today , me and my husband living in the Middle East and he is the one who really encouraged me to fullfill all my dreams. I like travelling,painting and reading. I read a lot,especially fashion,antiques,interior design,garden ,woman life, healths and business books that offer strategies on selling skills and achieving success. I am currently writing my own books about 'woman's 2nd youth' and 'my bussiness world'. Soon, I would like to produce it and share my experienced with everybody out there. I enjoyed travelling and learning about new culture. I remember visiting Lahore fort in Pakistan . As a person who really love history and arts ,and when i saw swords and other artifacts of the Mughal period i felt as if i were in a dream and meeting shah jahan and his lovely wife Mumtaz Mahal. It was my first fort experience in Pakistan and India. It instilled in me for history.

Me and my choice..
Now i am doing my trading company and my own fashion's house . I joined a few fashion designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to share and create the new idea in design. I would like to share the arts that comes from Middle East through my cloth . I hope the lovely dress, handmade accessories and the scents products of mind will be well receive.

In hindsight, i think i made the right decision i have seen the best of this two world - business and arts/fashion.

Sabtu, 1 Ogos 2009


ladyJann ~ 'Spirit Of Love'

Life over 40 has been a new start for me for my 2nd- youth. I am looking forward to the opportunity that the next coming years to everything is precious and anything is possible, if i believe in my 'power'. My power is my energy. I always try to improve my power life. I have found the major key to my real happiness and success in life. That is my 'spirituality'. I beleive that my instinct,talent,attitude,luck has guided me through out my life.God is great.

Whenever i felt hopeless or defeated. It was the 'power' that made me pull myself up and i will start all over again,it showed me that there is a way.

LadyJann has created ' Scent Of Success' through her 'Spirit Of Love' to everyone to share..
Get the real happiness and success through 'LadyJann Scents collection".

' If you really want to make it... There is a way and that is my believe."

LadyJann~ Scents Of Success

LadyJann is a Malaysian lady living abroad in the Middle East who involved in business since 1989,has introduced her fragrance,couture in whisper-soft dresses and accessories with pearls and crystal.There is something to suit every woman in this collection.
LadyJann perfumes inspired by nature elements such as essential oil,rose petals extract,sandalwood and fragrances.She would like to share the scents that give her the
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